Clinical Commissioning Group Services

General Practice is constantly evolving and one of the ways the NHS is trying to improve services to patients is through the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The Highlands Practice is in the Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group made up of 21 practices covering a vast area of patients from Sarisbury Green to Waterside in Gosport.

The 21 practices have worked together on trying to secure funding for services which we consider would be of benefit to our patients in Fareham and Gosport and we have been successful although it has been a difficult and long process but we are now able to offer the following diagnostic services and clinics within our practices

Elderly Rapid Assessment Unit: The service based at Gosport War Memorial Hospital is due to start in October and aims to provide single joined up elderly care services that combine Rapid Assessment, Outpatients and Day Care.

Near Patient Testing for patients with suspected heart failure: We have managed to secure some funding from the Strategic Health Authority to pilot a test for patients with suspected heart failure within GP surgeries rather than them having to attend hospital.

Community Cardiology Service:   This service is now running from the Westlands Medical Centre in Portchester and will be staffed by cardiologists and cardiology technicians from Southampton University Hospital Trust providing specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Gynaecology: This ia one-stop clinic at Highlands Medcial Centre and is run by two Consultants from Southampton Hospital, referral will be via your GP.

Phlebotomy: Clinic appointments can be booked via reception with our trained HCSW

Medication Usage Reviews (MURs) : Now available with your local Pharmacist who will advise on any concerns or queries you have with medication and work closely with your GP on the best possible course of treatment

D-Dimer: This is a simple test to detect the possibility of deep vein thrombosis that up until recently could only be carried out in hospital but we are now able to offer this in the practice

Ear Nose and Throat Clinics:  These are available at Highlands Medical Centre in Highlands Road Fareham, referral will be through your GP

Slimming service (Fareham)

From 1st October 2011 the PCT have extended access to the Slimming on Referral scheme.  Each referred patient receives a 12 week group weight management with Slimming World. Referral is via your GP.


Dermatology: Service is available at Highlands Medical Centre referral will be via your GP.

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