Training Practice

Our practice has reached the required high standard for training GP’s. Our registrars are fully qualified doctors who have had experience solely in hospital medicine.  They are invited to join the practice for a year to gain an insight into the sort of medical problems encountered in general practice.

When booking an appointment you may be asked if you would consult with one of our registrars.  They are at all times encouraged to seek advice when required from the practice partners.  The registrars are also required to video some of their consultations to assist with their training.  You will be advised if a session is to be videoed and you have the right at the start and at the end of the consultation to withdraw consent for its use.

Medical students are also attached to the practice at various times throughout the year. You will always be asked for your consent when a medical student is present.  If you do not wish a student to be present at your consultation, please advise your GP.