15.04.2021 Sovereign Health Network COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Update

Sovereign Health Network (Jubilee and Whiteley Surgeries, and the Highlands Practice) are continuing to run our Covid vaccination service from the Fareham Community Hospital, with the help of a wonderful group of volunteers.  When you come for your vaccination, please do thank them for everything they are doing on our behalf.

We are now in a position where the vast majority of our patients aged over 50 have now been vaccinated, so please see the following important advice;

If you want a COVID-19 vaccination, and;

  • you are a patient at Jubilee, Whiteley or Highlands Practice, and
  • you are more than 50 years old, and
  • you haven’t received a vaccination or an invitation to book a vaccination,

please email the following address so we can book you an appointment fgccg.sovereign.covid@nhs.net

This week, the JCVI has published guidance for the next step in the vaccination programme, and as a result we have begun to invite our patients aged 45-49.  When you receive your invite, you will be able to book an appointment with us at Fareham Community Hospital.  We put on new clinics as soon as we have confirmed dates for delivery of our vaccine, so please check back if you are unable to book straight away.  If you have booked an appointment through the National Booking Service please do respond to your invite from us to let us know – it will prevent us from chasing you for a response.

Astra-Zeneca vaccination and the risk of clotting (thrombosis)

There has been a lot of information in the national press about an extremely rare condition where there can be blood clots and unusual bleeding following a Covid vaccination.  It is important to keep this risk in context; it is much more common, for example, for a woman to develop a blood clot whilst on the oral contraceptive pill, or for anyone to have a clotting event following an infection with Covid itself, than to experience this very uncommon event.

However, this is the latest guidance on what you should do;

  • If you are over 50 or have an underlying health condition you should start (or complete) your Covid vaccination with any of the vaccines, as the risk of Covid far outweighs the tiny risk of this rare condition.
  • If your first dose was with the AZ vaccine and you didn’t have this rare clotting condition you can go on to have the second dose of AZ as planned.
  • If you are healthy and aged between 30-50, when you are invited you can have any of the vaccines as the risk of Covid outweighs the tiny risk of this rare condition.
  • If you are a healthy adult aged under 30, the current advice is that it is preferable to have a vaccine other than AZ.  This may involve waiting until another vaccine is available, so it may be that following a discussion of the risks and benefits with your GP that you decide to go ahead with the AZ vaccine.  You do not need to initiate that conversation with your GP until you have received your invitation to book an appointment.

Source;  Covid-19 vaccination and blood clotting (Gov.uk)

Dr Tom Bertram

Clinical Director, Sovereign Health Network