A message to our patients

In recent weeks we have received many comments and complaints from patients who are struggling to get timely access to their surgery. For anyone who has experienced delays in getting the information, appointment, or advice they need, we are sorry.

When you or a loved one is unwell and needs medical advice and assistance, it is worrying and frustrating to have to wait, and we know that our current service levels have simply not been good enough.

We want to make improvements, and that means some changes to the way we work.

In years gone by patients would have seen their GP, in the first instance, for any health concerns, however this is no longer the case. The challenges of the pandemic and growing local populations have meant that we’ve had to change how we operate, plus there are other health professionals who can help you and save you waiting for a GP appointment.

When you contact your surgery, which you can do by calling, sending an email or filling out an econsult form, you will be triaged in the same way as if you attended an Emergency Department. This means that a member of trained staff will assess you and ensure you see or speak to the right person. This may be a community pharmacist, a nurse practitioner, a GP, or someone else appropriate for your needs.

As you know, we have been working extremely hard to try and meet demand. Although we fully understand that you may feel irritated or even upset when you do get through to the reception team, please understand that it is never, ever acceptable to verbally abuse our staff.

We are continuing to work hard and do our very best to get to every person who needs us.

We welcome your feedback and thank you for your ongoing support.