How to order medicine online

Many patients who get in touch with us don’t need to see a clinician, but they do need some advice. How to order medicines online is one of the most popular questions we are asked, and we have a few options available.

If you need a repeat prescription, we have a dedicated team of prescribing clerks who work to respond to medication requests within three working days. The clerks are supported by our pharmacy technicians and pharmacists who can deal with any queries related to prescription ordering.

You can continue to use the existing methods for ordering a repeat prescription online, either through your NHS App, Patient Access or via the ‘Prescriptions and Medicines Centre’ green button on your surgery website.

The NHS App is available on iOS and Android, and offers users the ability to track their request at every stage, to see whether it’s being reviewed, with a GP, or at the pharmacy, for example.

For general advice about your medicine, please first ask the pharmacist at your local chemist, and if they are unable to help, you can contact the Pharmacy Team on your surgery website.