Important news about The Highlands Practice

The Sovereign Health Network is a collaboration of the Whiteley, Jubilee and Highlands Practice (Fareham) GP surgeries. We have been working in collaboration since 2017 when the Same Day Access Service was established at Fareham Community Hospital, and then further strengthened that partnership in March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold. At that time, we took the decision to work more closely together to provide the resilience needed to continue providing services to our patients.

Since then, we have developed a triage system for patients who contact us on the telephone or by email, providing advice, prescriptions, referrals and appointments as required. We have also been able to use our shared resources to operate specific clinics, such as for asthma care, cervical screening and routine vaccinations.

Overall, these changes have been positive and have been well received, meaning patients have accessed the health services they needed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and especially while we managed the additional challenges presented by the pandemic.

So, what’s next?

Thanks to working closely across the three GP sites, and making use of the Same Day Access Service at Fareham Community Hospital, we have been able to see our patients quickly and direct them to the right healthcare professional for their needs. Often, we receive requests to see a GP for issues that can be resolved more quickly by a pharmacist or nurse, for example, and we have been able to direct patients to the right people more easily by working across a wider team.

We want to be able to continue making these positive changes and to support local communities with their physical and mental health needs in the best way possible. This means we want to make the merger between our three GP surgeries a permanent arrangement, and to do this we need your help.

Although we have been operating as a single organisation since the pandemic started last year, making the change formally provides an opportunity to develop what we are doing well and fix the things that are not working, and we can only do this with your feedback.

How can you help?

Over the next three months we will be asking for your opinions, ideas, and concerns, in order to ensure that we make decisions that are best for all our patients and staff. You can get involved in a number of ways:

During this time, we will keep you informed with regular updates on what people are telling us, and we will also be consulting with our staff to ensure they can also provide feedback, ask questions, and be involved in the process too.

At the end of this consultation period where we gather feedback and address people’s concerns, we will work with our colleagues at the Clinical Commissioning Group for our area, which oversees GP practice activity and management, to agree a formal application.

We have attached a link to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which answers some of the queries we have had to date, which we hope you find helpful. We want to hear all forms of feedback and we hope we’ll be able to work together to make the Sovereign Health Network the best it can be, for staff and patients alike.