Team spotlight on: Pharmacy

Our pharmacy team has grown recently and includes part-time pharmacists, who split their time between us and community pharmacies, who work alongside full-time staff. The role of the pharmacists is to support our GPs by dealing with medication queries, providing advice, and carrying out general medication reviews, including reviews for diabetes, asthma, COPD and hypertension.

One of our more recent team members, is pharmacist Mujtaba, also known as Muj.

Muj joined Sovereign after spending seven years as a pharmacy manager, and works three days a week across our three practices, as well as two days a week in the community pharmacy. His experience and varied role means he provides a great link between our surgeries and the local community.

As a pharmacist Muj works with his colleagues to support all our clinical teams, ensuring patients get the medication they need, and working with colleagues to deliver greater levels of care and treatment. As an example, Muj will liaise with the multi-disciplinary team and carry out medication reviews for patients with chronic diseases, to ensure they get the most benefit from their medication and any need for changes can be quickly recognised.

Muj said: “I’ve had a warm welcome at Sovereign. I love my work and I love putting a smile on people’s faces.”

Muj also works alongside Sovereign’s pharmacy technicians, who support him with prescribing queries and synchronising medications to reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy a patient needs to make. Our technicians also support the prescribing team, which processes over 5,500 repeat prescriptions per week.

If you have a query about your medication, the best way to contact the pharmacy team is via your surgery website; clicking on the ‘medication and prescription centre’ and use the ‘general medication question’ enquiry form to ask a question.

You can also order repeat medication via your Patient Access app or the NHS app.