Thank you for attending our patient event on 24th May

We wanted to say a very big thank you to all of our patients who took the time to come and see us at our face-to-face patient engagement event at the Holiday Inn earlier this week.  It was lovely meeting so many of you.

We value the more than 700 people who came and took the time to talk to us and our colleagues from the Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It was a very busy day, and we appreciate people waiting to speak to our clinical, clerical and management staff about their experiences.

We are currently working through all the feedback we have received, but some very initial common themes include:

  • Concerns about how to access your surgery and some confusion about eConsult working to make an appointment.
    eConsult is currently switched off and you may find it helpful to read our latest update on this, including FAQs about urgent and routine appointments, self-help advice and what online services are available on our websites
  • Many patients said they enjoyed meeting our wider clinical team at the event – including our pharmacy, social prescribing, nursing and specialist nursing team. Many of you commented that you are keen to learn more about our teams, what they do, how they help you and how you best access them
  • Problems getting through to our telephone team – and how we are addressing this through recruitment and technical upgrades of the phone lines
  • Our GP triage process – providing the right type of appointment to the right type of patient. Many of you said that you value the diversity of appointments (telephone, online contact, video and face to face), but that you would like to understand more about what choice you have to be seen face to face.
  • Communicating more with our patients – also those non-digitally enabled – and ensuring what we communicate is more readily visible and accessible
    As a starting point, if you aren’t already signed up to our regular Sovereign patient newsletter, you can opt-in here.

We will spend the month of June collecting and reviewing the detailed feedback from the event together with the CCG and keep patients informed of what’s happening at the practice as a result of your ideas .

This will be posted on our website and also incorporate some of the feedback patients helpfully emailed us ahead of the event.

For now, thank you again for those who were able to come along.